Surfs up with Surf World Series

If these cold dark winter days are getting you down. Then you’ll probably want to check out this new trailer for a surfing game coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC next year

Climax Studios are bring Surf World Series to homes in 2017, allowing gamers to take to the water to experience “the thrill of pure arcade-style surfing”

• Ride monster waves from around the world at 5 legendary surfing destinations, including the sun-drenched beaches of Hawaii, and the rugged coastlines of Portugal.

• Become masters of the waves, learning increasingly difficult tricks along the way, from nailing kickflips and cutbacks, to landing massive aerials and navigating treacherous tubes.

• Trick their way through 45 single player challenges, or carve up the competition online against 15 other players across 3 different multiplayer game modes.

• Rank up and unlock thousands of customisation options to stamp their own style on their journey to become a surf legend.

The best surfing game of course was found on California Games on Megadrive but since then we’ve had Surf’s Up and Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer? can Surf World Tour finally bring the tube riding antics to console and actually be half decent. PSVR mode would be nice.

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    • Tim Utley
    • December 21, 2016

    Nice to see a resurgence of extreme sports games, hope a new Skate drops this gen.


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