Shenmue HD domains registered be SEGA Europe

Well this is news out of nowhere, but really welcome news non the less. But it looks like SEGA could be bringing Shenmue HD remasters to Europe.

This of course means that an entire new generation can experience the grandness that is Shenmue and Shenmue 2. And for us oldies, well it  means we can play arguably one of the greatest games of a generation. All this of course is in preparation for Shenmue 3 which is currently in development after breaking Kickstarter records, pretty much as soon as it was announced at Sony’s E3 conference.

Just a world of note though. I recently plugged in my old Dreamcast, and fired up the original Shnemue, and I have to admit, it hasn’t aged well at all. The controls are terrible. That could be in part to  the single analogue stick the Dreamcast controller had. Hopefully HD remasters, if the are to be released will make the most of double sticks and refine the controls a little.

You can check out the domain registrations here

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