Sad Batman Playing Sad Pop Punk On Sad Piano On PSVR – Outstanding

By now, if you have a PSVR headset you’ll know that perhaps Batman VR is the best experience you can get on the system (bar X-Wing VR Missions) If you have played Batman: Arkham VR then you’ll also know there is a piano you can virtually play with, in the scene setting intro. To many it’s just a laugh tinkering with the ivory keys. but for others, they can actually play the damn thing properly.

That’s just what the annoyingly talented RMCQUADE has done with the PSVR and two Move controllers, with a beautiful rendition of the introduction to My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade. I mean seriously, playing the piano is hard enough, but to play one that isn’t there with no help from the PSVR tracking takes some serious Batman sized balls. Check it out >

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