ROCCAT Khan AIMO Gaming Headset Review – The Big Cat Of The Headset Jungle?

ROCCAT continue their besiege on the auditory lust of the esports crowd with their newest headset, the Khan Aimo. Following on from their recent Khan Pro, the Aimo also sports the Hi-Res audio badge, but this time around the German manufacturer has added 7.1 surround sound and RGB lighting, among other exciting developments. It’s clear that they’re making a serious push for the hearts of gamers everywhere, but have they reached that ultimate goal with the Khan AIMO?


What ROCCAT had to Say –

“The Khan AIMO represents a gaming first with its exclusive Hi-Res audio compatible surround sound. Adding a top-end virtual 7.1 headset to the AIMO series, it boasts a premium hardware spec with its powerful driver units and built-in high fidelity sound card. 

As impressive structurally as it is in terms of performance, the Khan AIMO’s stainless steel sliders provide incredible robustness yet with remarkably low weight at only 275 grams. Together with its memory foam earpads, this makes it a headset suitable for use over extended periods of time. The Khan AIMO is comfort. Surrounded.” – Roccat






  • High resolution 7.1 surround sound
  • Built-in sound card with 24-bit 96KHz DAC
  • Passive noise cancellation works great in noisy environs
  • Ultra-comfortable with memory foam earpads
  • RGB illumination: 16.8 million colours w/ effects and presets
  • Easy controls: earcup volume, surround control, mic auto-mute
  • Real-voice mic lets your teammates hear you clearly
  • Aimo lighting system, illumination harmonised across devices
  • Robust design: steel sliders and reliable build at 275 grams

Tech Specs

Not only does it promise high-res audio, but it’ll also support virtual 7.1 processing, a high-end microphone, built-in controls, and AIMO RGB lighting, to name but a few features. The headset comes with support for the all-in-one ROCCAT software. No longer do you need multiple bits of software for all your Roccat peripherals. Here you’ll be able to play with EQ profiles, RGB lighting, and much more. Equipped with USB connectivity, the Khan Aimo features a built-in DAC/AMP combo.

With power sound processing, the headset is able to deliver 24-bit Hi-Res audio @ 96kHz. That’s awesome for those of us who love lossless audio formats such as FLAC, as well as the higher quality audio that is now creeping more into movies and games. Driving that audio through their 50mm 32 Ohm drivers, it certainly sounds good on paper, but let’s dive in a little deeper and find out what else it has to offer!



The AIMO features a straightforward black-plastic chassis with a steel headband underneath that you can adjust to fit your head (essential when you’ve a big noggin like myself). You’ll still find the plush leatherette over-the-ear cups, as well as the rigid mic on the left ear cup that sticks out like a sore thumb whenever you’re not using it hence meaning that your headset is pretty much housebound unless this is something you don’t mind sporting in public.

I loved that the mic muted itself just by pushing it up in one swift and effortless move. There’s nothing more annoying for me than to fiddle around with so many buttons and switches on your headset to just do one thing, this was a big plus for me. Personally though, I would have liked to have seen a detachable mic on their newest product. Making it that bit more versatile and multi-functional for the price tag.

First impression of the ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset is that it is well-build and sturdy, designed to withstand significant use and a bit of transportation punishment. Most parts are still plastic rather than metal, but this is probably needed to keep the weight to a minimum as it weighs in at 275g. It doesn’t at all feel cheap to the touch, a very smooth seamless finish.

ROCCAT Khan AIMO headset

The wire is quite flexible, but rigid enough to not get itself tangled and its covered with a braided surface coming in at 2.5 meters long, which makes it sufficient for most users. Unless you have placed your PC very far from your keyboard, you should be fine.


Personally, I’m a sucker for LED lights on keyboards, controllers etc. and I loved the mini lightshow the AIMO presents, bringing on a show to anyone sitting to the left or right of you…or if you live stream, giving that little extra flare to your viewers. There’s one curvy LED strip on each ear cup and a smaller LED strip near each headpiece connector. These can be changed in the ROCCAT swarm software, with a possible 16.8 million colours to choose from, and a bunch of presets and effects, you can easily match it up to whatever other hardware lighting your rig has. My only negative would be, I wanted even more LED! I think some around the mic would have been a great touch.

I need lights, and more of them!

The AIMO is UBS only, which is great for a wide choice of devices, but the only drawback is that, although it can be used on the PS4, you will only receive stereo sound and not gain from the 7.1 surround sound. Xbox users are totally out of the picture here unfortunately, again showing the limitations of the Xbox over other formats.



So, with the good design and pretty colours, does it sound good too? Well, the answer is a huge yes!

The AIMO delivers a crisp and clear output, while doing an excellent job of keeping out unwanted external noise. Even though the headset has passive and not active noise cancelling, it keeps out a fair amount of ambient noise. The sound provided by the 7.1 surround setup in the over-ear cups is full and well balanced, with a lot of freedom to adjust the tones to match your personal preference.

I tested the headset with a variety of games, including Hellblade, Fortnite, what remains of Edith Finch and God of War. Experimenting with different sound profiles and surround-sound options, I found that some profiles worked better than others, but no matter what I chose, the sound came through crisply and clearly, especially in Hellblade where the many voices Senua has to deal with, came through so amazingly that I was completely immersed in my gameplay.

Determining the ideal settings for a given game takes a little time. But once you’ve figured it out, you can link games with individual profiles in the Swarm software and cut your busywork to a minimum.

Team communication is a big focus for the ROCCAT Khan AIMO, and even though voices of your friends comes through nice and clear on standard settings, there is an additional “Voice clarity” feature if you want to prioritise communication even further. This does come at the cost of less full and rich game sounds, but can be useful for online chat only.

Your head and ears will thank you!


Having a bit of a big noggin, I’m always dubious about new headsets as I find after a few hours (or less) they start to hurt the top of my head, so I am constantly adjusting it. Not in the case of the AIMO.

It nestled very comfortably and with no pressure. Also with it being so light, I had forgot for a time that I was wearing them. I was able to wear the headset for hours on end, with glasses at times, without any discomfort.

The ear cups created a tight seal, and the long cord gave me enough room to move my head around comfortably.



The Khan AIMO is a phenomenal headset. It’s focus on PC may limit its versatility, but for those players looking for a wired USB headset with amazing audio, enviable comfort and a crystal-clear microphone the AIMO is a perfect choice. The Khan is a well-constructed headset with a good quality sound, and a decent microphone. If you already have ROCCAT peripherals, then there’s nothing saying that you shouldn’t add the Khan to them. If you’re looking for a great quality headset, then it certainly fits the bill.


       ROCCAT Khan AIMO Headset receives a well worthy Thumb Culture                 GOLD AWARD




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Disclaimer – I received this headset from ROCCAT to carry out this review. My opinions are my own and I haven’t been persuaded otherwise.


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