Orzly Pouch Ultimate Pack and Comfort Grip Case Review

Here at Thumb Culture we were given the opportunity lately to review some of Orzly’s products, specifically for the Nintendo Switch. Orzlys range is vast, giving the buyer multiple choices from mobile phone cases, wearables and gaming accessories.

Orzly is a brand designed and manufactured by Syntiga Ltd., one of the largest distributors in the UK. Syntiga has been distributing & manufacturing new technology accessories since 2002. Established in 2013, Orzly inherits 14 years of design and manufacturing experience. The brand was created with the vision of bringing good quality, good value, and practical accessories to consumers looking for protective solutions for their gadgets, be it smartphones, tablets, smart watches or any other emerging new technology.

For this review we will be looking at the Orzly Pouch Ultimate Pack and also their Comfort Grip Case. Being the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch it’s of the utmost importance for me to want to always keep it safe, damage free, clean and of course being comfortable on those long gaming sessions.

Pouch Ultimate Pack

Pouch Ultimate Pack

I was very excited for this product to arrive so, within minutes of receiving it, I quickly got down to business of reviewing it, but before we get onto that let’s have a look at what’s in the box –

  • – 1x Black Travel Case -A Tough Protective Zip Pouch for your Nintendo Switch Console with a large top pocket that is capable of storing up to 4 sets of extra Joy-Cons and other accessories.
  • – 2x Orzly Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors – Not just any kind of screen protector, these are made from very special tempered glass which has an 8-9H hardness (harder than a knife), which protects the screen of your console from impact in ways that ordinary screen protectors cannot. They are virtually invisible, and do not obstruct the dock, or hinder the touch-screen sensitivity. Also a little added bonus of 1x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, 1x Applicator Card Squeegee, 2x Alcohol Screen Wipes, and full Installation Instructions
  • – 1x Pair of Black Orzly FlexiCase Joy-Con Covers – One for the left JoyCon, and one for the right JoyCon.
  • – 1x USB-to-Type C Charging Cable. Suitable for charging your Nintendo Switch Console, Joy-Con Charging Grips, Pro Controllers, and many other USB type C compatible devices.
  • – 1x Portable Stereo Earphones. (Has a universal 3.5mm audio headphone jack, suitable for literally any device that has a standard headphone socket).
  • – 1x Games Cartridge Case. (solid mini cartridge case which can store up to 4 extra games).
  • – 1x Orzly ProPen Stylus Pen. – A fully functional capacitive stylus on one end (that can be used with all Tablets, Smart-Phones, and multiple Touch Screen devices, such as most SAT-Nav GPS systems, and of course your Nintendo Switch, with a fully working ink pen on the other end. The pen end is designed for use on paper only, and must never be used on any touch screen device.

Some of the goodies inside the pack

Hands On Approach

The travel case felt extremely durable in my hands with its tough exterior it definitely felt like it could handle quite a lot. This case would be ideal for traveling since its still compact, even with its bulky amour. Also its ideal for storing your games and switch away when you aren’t using it, keeping everything safe and hidden. The storage inside the travel case is more than meets the eye at first and you’ll be surprised at just how much you can actually fit into one its pocket. Not only can you fit 4 extra Jon cons in there, but also your cable and some other small accessories. Orzly did an amazing job on constructing a suitable area for storage inside this tank of a case and cleverly realised that buyers needed this sought after space. When I placed my Nintendo Switch inside the case for safe keeping, it glided in with ease and nestled firmly, and with the added security of two elastic attachments that go over both sides of your switch for that added piece of mind.

Travel Case

Peek inside the travel case

If you end up filling the cartridge pocket inside the case with all your switch games, don’t worry as in the Pouch Ultimate Pack there’s also an extra mini games case to store 4 more cartridges. It’s made from solid plastic that feels tough so you never have to worry about your games getting damaged.

Handy extra storage for your games

One of the best things about this pack, is that you get two Orzly Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. If you’re anything like me, I can be a little clumsy at times and accidents do happen, so to find not only one but two of this lifesavers in the pack was a god send and also convenient as I didn’t have to make another purchase. The screen protector was very easy to apply to my switch screen as I came with a handy card squeegee to make sure all the bubbles were knocked out as it slid across the screen. It did come with instructions on how to apply it correctly, but I personally didn’t feel a need to read it. The screen protector didn’t lower my sensitivity in the slightest, which is always a concern when applying these and I could happily game without even realizing it was on.

I usually don’t detach my Joy cons and play on the TV, I really enjoy the intimate feeling of having the switch close and playing it on the small screen so, unfortunately I can’t give an in depth answer on how the Joy con covers function, but what I can say is that they feel pretty comfortable in my hand and seem to have a good grip…just what you need in the midst of an intense battle!

everything snuggled just right

The type C charging cable is also included; this pack is amazingly generous. So, not only can you charge your Nintendo Switch and Joy Cons with it, you can also use it on many other things. If you have an electronic device that plugs into something, the chances are it’ll make use of USB. From desktop computers to smartphones, USB memory sticks to laptops, USB is the standard when it comes to connectivity. This also applies to the Portable Stereo Earphones that came included. These are not only excellent for using on your Switch for some personal quiet time, and may I say that they sound pretty decent too, but also the 3.5mm audio headphone jack is suitable for literally any device that has a standard headphone socket. Again, another multi-functional product from Orzly.

I loved this Pack and I would recommend it to all Nintendo Switch users. I couldn’t find any faults with it whatsoever and it has taken pride of place in my gaming display cabinet. At a very reasonable price of £49.99 on Orzly’s website, the Pouch Ultimate Pack for Nintendo Switch, is a steal and something all switch owners should own.


Comfort Grip Case

I’ve personally found it quite hard choosing the right case for my Nintendo Switch. Never really finding the balance between style and comfort so, when I received the Comfort Grip Case I already had it in my head that it wouldn’t have both…I was wrong. I received two Comfort Grip Cases one in an appealing black and the other in a vibrant red (lucky me!) Straight away I knew it was extremely durable as I lifted it out for its packet. It felt rugged and strong in my hands and when I slipped it easily over my switch, I knew it was in safe hands. The material felt very smooth and with it being made from anti-shock substance, it gave me reassurance that my switch would be protected.

When you pay quite a lot of money for something you want to protect it from all elements, so now having the Comfort Case Grip on my Switch for a few weeks, I can safely say that the Comfort Grip has more than done its job here. It also fits wonderfully into the Orzly travel case, giving you that little bit more satisfaction that you Switch is well protected. It’s fantastically comfortable to hold on long gaming sessions with no slippage nor that dreaded “gamers cramp”.


The only slight downfall is that you will have to take the case off to charge it in the charging dock as there isn’t a slot in the design to do this. This was intentional as it wouldn’t have made the case as durable as it is if it had that. It takes only a few seconds to slip the case on and off again so it isn’t a big time eater in that aspect.

I would highly recommend the Comfort Grip Case as not only will you get the reassurance that your switch is keep safe and scratch free, but also how good it feels between your hands; making those long gaming sessions that much more enjoyable. At £ 19.99 you may feel it’s a little steep for a case, but be reassured that the quality of this product is worth every penny and more.


If you’d like to purchase any of the products mentioned, please head over to Orzly’s main website: https://orzly.com/


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