Official Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer swoops in!

UPDATE! There are now TWO brand new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers. TWO!

The brand new Spidey is here!

After teasing us for what seems like an painfully long time, Marvel have today finally dropped the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it’s a flippin’ doozy. Watch it above.

Premiering on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the first trailer focuses on Peter Parker’s school life, along with his relationship with Tony Stark with everything that having a relationship with Tony Stark would seemingly entail.

We also got our first glimpse at Michael Keaton’s Vulture and is looking like he’s causing all kinds of heck for Spidey to deal with.

Bottom line; we can’t wait for Spider-Man Homecoming, Tom Holland seems to fit the role like a glove, and though we already figured this out in Captain America Civil War, to finally see Holland make the role his own, even in this brief footage, is enough to convince us.

Bring on July 7th!


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