Nacon ‘Windows’ PS4 Controller – Read Before Joining The Revolution

So as you may or may not be aware there are a couple of ‘Pro’ controllers being flaunted about the place, the Razer Raiju which looks like an Xbox controller with a bad case of piles and the Nacon Revolution. Between the two there is a £60 price difference with the Raiju topping the pounds at around £150 and then if you have good maths you can work out that the Revolution is only £89.99. Only.

Now you might be thinking that this is a good deal for a Pro controller with extra paddles and buttons and a few other neat functions. You might be wrong though, if you buy the Nacon Revolution expecting to be able to change the configuration of the rear buttons on the fly then you would be very disappointed. While the Raiju has this feature the Nacon controller requires you to connect to a computer to carry out this configuration. Now it gets very interesting, currently at the time of writing Nacon do not support using a Mac to install their software. So if you, like me, only own a Mac then this computer will be functioning in the same way that your standard DualShock does. In fact it will be functioning worse as the controller is a wired controller only. Yes you can detach the cable as some bright spark pointed out, but the controller is designed for no-latency play and this means it is wired.

As you can see their wording suggests that in the future it is something that could possibly happen, currently there is no plans to deliver their software to the fruity side of home computers.

Whilst this is not the end of the world as there is a high percentage of people that use the Windows brand, however, it is something to be aware of if you are going to pay your heard-earned cash on a new ‘pro’ controller.


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