Marvel Heroes Omega – Those Pesky Villains

Gazillion Entertainment brings us the next adaptation of the Marvel universe in a multiplayer top down beat ‘em up in the form of Marvel Heroes Omega. Play as your favourite Marvel character. Play as your least favourite character. Either way, it’s up to you to defeat the forces of evil. How hard can it be? I’m Deadpool, and I’m about to find out.

Marvel Heroes Omega - Hulk Smash

Deal me in guys, he’s playing as Deadpool.


Anyone who has played a superhero game will already be familiar with the game’s styling. The camera does it’s best drone impression and hovers high above and to the side of your hero, fortunately zooming in is available as a much needed option so you can see your character a bit better. This drone however does not move independently of the character, so there is no changing angles. Get too close to a wall and it goes invisible so you don’t lose your character, very useful. Get too close to an enemy though and the fun begins.

Warm up those thumbs and start pressing as quick as you can, see what your character does and if you want them to do it again, press the same button. Eventually some kind of order will slide in under the radar and tactics will form. Some attacks need to recharge, so you can’t just use your most powerful attack all the time. There are 8 slots for attacks, and the higher the level, the more powerful the attack. The attacks are different for every character, this means that game play will be slightly different from character to character. Deadpool likes to shoot whereas Hulk can’t get his finger through the gap to pull the trigger, and even if he did, the likelihood is he’d just squish the gun like an overripe banana. Back off, charge in, run away, charge in again, power attack, revel in glorious victory. This method seemed to work for me, but each to their own, so have fun finding out what works for you.

The story is a very generic ‘feel good by defeating evil’ based theme. Find an agent, talk to agent, get mission, complete mission, get new mission etc… If it’s mind numbing action that you are after, then you are barking up the right tree with this one.

Marvel Heroes Omega isn’t difficult to play, it’s also not difficult enough to command your full attention. Not once did I come even close to dying as Deadpool, and that includes defeating some bosses that seemed to have the strength of my Aunty Beryl and the fighting skills of slug on Valium. I even took a phone call and left my character alone for five minutes in Hell’s Kitchen, when I returned there was not a scratch on him. There are more difficulties that can be unlocked via trials, and I would highly recommend getting this out the way early to get a real challenge.

Whilst playing I ran into over 10 giant green men with purple pants, several leather clad bikers with their skulls on fire and more than a few red lycra suited men, this is surely a Marvel universe that villains would avoid like the plague? No, it seems that they have all decided to start a crime spree at exactly the same time as every good Marvel character can team up and destroy them. Well maybe timing isn’t one of evil’s fortes. Marvel Heroes Omega doesn’t appear to be designed as challenging, it’s more leaning towards the fun and easy to play angle, though I must confess that that the repetitiveness of the game did start to bother me after a while and I had to take regular intervals to break up the monotony. The scenery is destructible, so wherever you go there is always a little more fun to be had, as Hulk items can be picked up and thrown around, as Deadpool you just shoot everything up, a must for any multiplayer game, after all, it’s not all about the plot is it?

Marvel Heroes Omega - Trophy Pop

Big rewards for defeating a boss. I wonder if that orange pointer is a clue for something.

Whilst playing you increase in level, pick up items and collect credits. These are all important to making your character more powerful and styling them to your own way of playing. Some powers are locked, but tell you what level you need to reach to unlock them. This gives a feeling of progression and achievement, something that the game needs to hold on to players. You can earn more heroes as well, so your collection will increase the more you play the game. All of the characters are playable up to level 10 before you need to dip into your physical or game resources to buy them. Make sure you don’t leave any Eternity Splinters behind. You can also purchase outfits or loot boxes as well to enhance your gaming experience.

Marvel Heroes Omega is a multiplayer game, so gather up those around you and reap the rewards of having team mates to look out for you. Make new friends, and beat up old enemies. Make sure you increase the difficulty first though, teaming up against just one villain can be considered a bit unfair.

The Avenger’s Tower is your main base of operation, here you will find people to buy goodies off and sell items to so you can free up that much needed inventory space. You can also perform Research and Development and trade artefacts, after all, you have to spend your money on something.


They have gone for a very generic feel to Marvel Heroes Omega. The graphics are what is needed to assist the gameplay, but nothing more. Whereas good graphics can add to your playing experience, I found that the basic feel to the game did not detract for my experience as a player. There are some nice weather touches, after all, Hell’s Kitchen just wouldn’t be the same without rain. There are some cut scenes as well to carry the story along so that you feel like your actions are assisting the plot.

Marvel Heroes Omega - Comic Style

Marvel Heroes Omega Team Meeting – What’s the plan guys?


The audio on Marvel Heroes Omega once again does the job. If you pay attention to it though, it could become very irritating very quickly. The music sounds like a drummer practicing his basics and a grade 1 pianist learning chords. Fortunately it’s set very low, and as combat is quite frequent you don’t get too bothered by it. There are the obligatory vocals that seem to go hand in hand with these games ‘Hulk Smash’, being muttered regularly when I played as the Hulk. The other characters have similar irritating traits of breaking the uncomfortable silences with a catchphrase or two. Also, listen out for the baddies, it’s not just the heroes that break the silence.



Well the competition is great, online games are almost the staple part of any gamer’s repertoire. Marvel Heroes Omega doesn’t add anything to the genre, it’s just a different spin on an already popular format. There is no doubt that people will play it, and I have no doubt it will be played for a long time. The competition will eventually win over the players and Marvel Heroes Omega will be consigned to being a nostalgic conversation piece, but until then, it’s fun and free.



Marvel Heroes Omega is nothing new, it’s not all that different, but does that make it a bad game? I don’t think so. It is fun to play, there is progression and playing a super hero is always cool. It’s not going to tax the brain, but the Marvel universe has always been pure brain switch off entertainment, and this game fits into that slot perfectly, and some days, that’s exactly what you need.

Marvel Heroes Omega smashes its way to a Thumb Culture Silver Award

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