Maize PlayStation 4 Pro Enhanced Review – Not A-Maize-ing

Maize the cult following PC game by Finish Line Games is available on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, and even better it’s been enhanced for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Lets have a look and see what it’s all about shall we?


Children Of The Corn


There’s no initial introduction to the story surrounding Maize, you get thrown into a corn field and left to it with The control scheme being explained to you as you wander around. The first thing you notice is this is not an average corn field. There’s a lot of things out of place here from the start. Walking through minding my own business I stumble across a desk and chair. I was expecting a character to jump out at me, not a desk. Round the next corner I found an area to my left covered in red boxes.

This is my first niggle within the game.

How can a cardboard box stop me moving forward? Is my character so weak that extra thick paper can stop him? I put these thoughts to one side and accept it for the moment. Next we keep heading through the field which ironically is like a ma(i)ze, and we find an old dilapidated house, like something from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Right I think, now it’s starting to get my attention even though i’m not really sure what is actually happening yet.


How did that get here?

Here is where the so-called “puzzle” element kicks in. I can safely say I use the word “puzzle” loosely here, Maize, in my opinion, throughout my play through had no puzzle elements to it. Instead, all you have to do is pick up absolutely everything you can possibly carry and place them in the correct spaces in the empty silhouettes.

Maize has yet to pose any challenge to me, well maybe the urge to stay awake so far but it’s going to get better. I mean it got rave reviews almost a year ago on the PC so, it is going to get better. Well I’ll keep telling myself that. Once the cornfield has been completed and you find the missing objects that will open the bunker door, then characters start to appear in the game. They are as tedious as the game itself. There is Sentient Corn that talks to you, there’s also a Russian reject Teddy Ruxpin for those of you old enough to remember that one.

The dialogue is corny in Maize. Excuse the pun but i think the games level of humour is rubbing off on me. For that I apologise sincerely.


Vladdy the Russian Teddy Ruxpin



The graphics in Maize are well, average at best. Even a couple of years ago these wouldn’t have impressed me. Maybe the fact that this game is advertised as PlayStation 4 Pro enhanced, I expected all the goodness that the pro can offer? I tried this game on my regular PlayStation 4 as well, and except for the resolution difference I saw no change. There are no glitches graphically to speak of but at the same time there’s nothing worth writing home about either.


He Must Be So Proud


Audio in Maize. Oh my oh my. This like the graphics, is average at best. There’s nothing great here and all it seems to do is project the games bad sense of humour at your ears. The music loops and when you unlock a new area you get a different music score to listen to. The ambient change is probably the best part of the games audio. If I had to listen to the same tune all the way through my time on Maize, I think I would have gone mad I tell you…..MAD!!!


Who are we kidding here? The only people I can possibly imagine playing the Maize for more than an hour are, Scavenger hunt anorak’s, sadomasochists and people like myself who are reviewing it. I know this sounds harsh but it’s 2017 and the choice of games currently available and games from the past, I can’t see why anyone would want to play this for any length of time.


Programmers HQ Maybe?


I like to say i’m a straight talking reviewer. I will censor myself here to save Maize any more embarrassment and give it an award of Thumb Culture Trash Award of 1 out of 10

Disclaimer: We received a game code to complete our review

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  1. Walking Simulators like that are not for everyone..I give you that. But an 1/10 is absolutely un-needed.

      • Roy Stealey
      • October 11, 2017

      I feel it’s a fair review I get the fact that walking simulators aren’t for everyone but graphically the game was poor and far from enhanced for the PlayStation Pro
      Audio was not anything special either and the game was uninspiring and a big let down with a puzzle element that felt like a late addition to the game with no thought put into it at all.
      It’s an honest unbiased review and sorry you don’t like it but my 1 out of 10 stands firmer than the game-play of this game


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