Horizon Zero Dawn Has Gone Gold!

So anyone who is on Twitter may have seen this retweet from Guerrilla Games earlier

So what does it mean?

Well let me tell you, it means essentially that the game has finished development and it can now go into mass production using the ‘Gold Master’.

So Horizon Zero Dawn will suffer from no development delays, although shipping has been known to cause problems for some games in the past.

Are you picking up Horizon Zero Dawn when it gets released on the 1st March? You can be rest assured that someone here at Thumb Culture Towers will definitely be picking it up!


Been playing games since I can remember, from spectrum all the to current consoles. Always been interested in video game news and recently got the opportunity to head up a great team of eager people. I’m generally a man of many words but I try and be succinct and to the point in everything I write.

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