Ghost Recon Wildlands map revealed

One of the fun things about a new open world game is guessing and trying to piece together what the map is going to look like. How big it’s going to be, what regions and landmarks will be there.

Ubisoft in recent years have done nothing but bring us open worlds to explore and with Ghost Recon they look set to unleash their biggest map yet!

As you can see from the images below there is plenty of terrain to cover including snowy mountains and a great big lake. It also claims to have 11 eco systems, whatever that means.

Sometimes size isn’t everything though if there isn’t anything particularly engaging to do within the world. Take a look at Just Cause 3, Gigaticatron map, nothing to do in it. We shall see. The Closed beta registration is open now also so get signing up to experience the new map first hand



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