The Game Awards 16′ – Games for Impact Winner: That Dragon Cancer Acceptance Speech

This is kinda something that simply has to be seen.

Sandwiched between a deluge of advertisements, trailers and terrible music performances (barring DOOM, that was pretty sweet), The Game Awards actually found time to give out some awards.

One award in particular seems worth mentioning, as its acceptance speech will make life seem just a little brighter.

The winner of the Games for Impact award was That Dragon Cancer, a game created by Ryan and Amy Green and tells the true story of bringing up their son Joel, who devastatingly was diagnosed with terminal cancer at just twelve months old. He survived for four more years before being taken from his family in March 2014.

The game, which was released on Windows and Mac on January 12, 2016 (which would have been Joel’s twelfth birthday) tells a powerful story of parents coping with a grief I can’t even imagine and how their faith helped them through.

Ryan Green, Joel’s father, was at The Game Awards to collect the award, and I think his speech speaks for itself.

Source [YouTube / Wikipedia]

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