Game Glimpse – Episode 2

Welcome to another one of those fancy, flash, funky, and feisty Game Glimpse episodes. Well, actually, it’s the second episode. But it does have cats, and that I believe, in this day and age is more important to note. So here we go, in usual fashion, here’s the video, and the text counterpart is below, possibly with some additional thoughts and notes.


SUPER IMPOSSIBLE ROAD (Yes, all in capitals) is a fast-paced, sci-fi themed, ball racer, with player controlled balls that roll down a vertically descending track with twists, turns, and more bends then you can crack your neck at. It sees you taking part in various race modes, such as a general race where you aim to come first at the finish line, Survival, basically racing until you fail, and time gate where you get through the gates before the timer runs out. Cheating is also encouraged, allowing you to jump off the track to the next part, skipping some checkpoints, trouble is, if you misjudge a shortcut and fail, you go back to the last checkpoint you passed…even if it was 20 checkpoints back.

It’s graphically, very shiny, and futuristic, with a space theme going on in the background, but sometimes the post-processing is too much, and other times, the tracks feel too dark. The track complexity is mental, with even more complex tracks being procedurally generated if you bump up the difficulty. Not only that, but the title isn’t for players who can’t focus on such fast speeds, because it does get very fast and requires quick reflexes.

Catlateral Damage
Developer: Chris Chung, Fire Hose Games
Publisher: Chris Chung

Meow! Cats! This is the one you’ve been waiting for, don’t lie. Catlateral Damage isn’t a huge game, nor does it really have a gripping story, it is in fact just a little time waster that you can jump on when you feel like being a naughty cat. The idea is that you’ve been left alone and you have various stupid kitty reasons to cause havoc and break everything in the house, be that against the timer, or in sandbox mode, which is basically free mode. The choice of low poly, cartoon cats is great, with lots of breeds, but I’m not knowledgeable on cat breeds, so they all look the same to me with different variations of fluffy.

The rooms have loads of things to push to the floor, and even if you knock something over, it has to touch the carpet/floor or it doesn’t count towards your score. Annoying when you push a load of books and they fall onto another shelf. You can either run into things, which seems to be the more powerful method of destruction, or you can use your paw to swipe, or push gently, it just feels annoying seeing a powerful swipe have hardly any affect on a prop. Like I said though, it’s a fun little time-waster, and it doesn’t take itself seriously, especially with random power-ups that make the world even more mental.

Developer: Just A Pixel Ltd.
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd

When you wake up, you’re a cube, everyone else are cubes, but you’re a cube who doesn’t know why you woke up in a room, so the story begins to find out who you are, where you are, and what the bigger picture is. It’s basically the Bourne films all over again. This top-down stealth title takes you on a sneaky trip through various levels where you’ll have to avoid red enemy cubes keeping an eye out for you, while you sneak to hacking terminals to shut down cameras, and unlock doors. On the way you’ll be grabbing informational documents, and well…it’s quite fun. Enemies have a line of sight you must avoid or they’ll chase and shoot you until you’re a dead cube, and if you take out enemy cubes with your melee move, if any civilian cubes see you, they panic and run.

The graphics are very blueprint inspired, but with a neon light feel to them all, which ties in with the title of the game, the music sounds great, and the sound effects aren’t that prominent really, the one thing that bothers me is that the game can get rather frustrating when you can’t get past a specific level for a fair while, but when you do, a sense of achievement overwhelms you.

Dead by Daylight
Developer: Behaviour Digital Inc.
Publisher: Starbreeze Studios

Horror movies come to video games in Dead by Daylight, an Online title pitting four players against one player controlled creature of a horrific nature. The goal for the survivors is to…well, survive and activate various generators around the level, eventually leading to them escaping. The player controller bad…thing only has one thing in mind. Downing the survivors and carrying them to a hook that begins a demonic ritual until the survivor is sacrificed successfully, unless they’re saved of course.

Graphically it’s not wonderful, it looks rather simple, and dull, and there’s all manner of bugs and weird animations going on. It does do horror well though, with music being cue’d for individual players depending on the enemy being near or chasing them. It’s rather clever, and there’s a range of characters to choose from, and even some familiar horror faces, all with their own level up systems.

The Flame In The Flood
Developer: The Molasses Flood
Publisher: Curve Digital

A story about a protagonist that becomes friends with a stray dog who has a backpack. The two set off onto the flooded world on a makeshift raft, a world that now resembles a giant river almost, with various stopping points where you can stop and gather supplies, rest, or upgrade your raft. The isometric view does cause some weird perspective issues when sailing, and this tied with the strong river currents does lead to destinations being hard to point towards, but in regards to running around it seems fine. The game sees you trying to survive against weather conditions, creatures, hunger, and thirst. The survival is incredibly in depth, which is a nice touch to see, and the gameplay, while familiar to other survivals, feels rather refreshing.

Graphically it’s rather rough but, arty, pretty, and comical, and it has a lingering sense of despair present in the atmosphere, and it sounds very ambient, with a stunning soundtrack. It’s a good little title, with a permadeath feature in which if you die you end up starting again, and then setting sail down a procedurally generated river.

So there ya’ go, a couple of games worth checking out, and be sure to subscribe to both my YouTube and Thumb Culture‘s YouTube for more amazing videos! :winky wink:


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