Everybody’s Golf Beta – Get Ready To Tee Off

We wanted to share this so that you could get access to the Everybody’s Golf beta.

Follow the link and put your name down for a chance to be involved.


For more information on Everybody’s Golf click Here

Everybody’s Golf is making a return to the PlayStation and on the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

Not only does Everybody’s Golf boast the same three-click shot mechanic that fans have come to love, but the series returns with new features such as more character customisation, robust online modes and other fun activities including fishing, buggy racing and treasure hunting in the open world environment. How you enjoy the game is up to you.

So whether you are the kind of person who spends ages customising your character, or the kind that just wants to get on the links. You can be sure that Everybody’s Golf will be right up your street.

Everybody’s Golf will launch on the 30th August, check out the trailer below


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