You Can Hire “Professional Players” to Level Up Your Call of Duty WWII Profile. No Joke.

I’m sure most gamers have found themselves wishing they could reach certain levels quickly but find the grind tiresome, maybe even boring. But does that mean that you should offer your account details to another player who has been hired to level up your account for you? Apparently Bidvine thinks you should.

Bidvine is a website that is offering professional Call of Duty Player to help you rank up in the WWII title, all you need to do is pay an hourly fee and hand over your account details. However the website suggests that you grab some collateral from them to reassure you that your account is going to be handed back fine.

The website seems to feature a lot of other articles unrelated to gaming, such as, “Move Over Calendar Girls – Bidvine is Launching Dudeoir Photography!”, and “Can you guess which British celebs are the worst grammar crime offenders?” so it seems that this is new territory for the website.

The Bidvine Hire a Player site allows you to type in your postcode, then asks you a series of questions, such as if you want the professional to use their own console, or your console, what rank you want them to get you too, what gun attachments, camo, kill-death ratio, and if they should visit you or you go to them, and also when you want them to start. Then you send off a request and you wait!

The website is also looking for players, so you know, if you feel like you’re amazing at Call of Duty WWII, you can apply. Just…read the explanation blog post.

What are your thoughts on this? My take is that it’s almost a microtransaction system, however rather than paying to unlock items to progress quicker, you’re paying someone to cheat your account up the rankings.


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