Bossa Studios Promise to Launch Decksplash into Early Access if 100,000 Players Splash In

Decksplash, the upcoming title from Bossa Studios will be free to play for a week from November the 2nd until November the 10th. If the titles gains 100,000 players within that timeframe, the developer have promised to launch the title into Early Access instantly.

In a surprising announcement, Bossa Studios announced that they are happy to launch their latest title, Decksplash into Early Access instantly. The game is currently in a closed beta state with weekly playtests being held on Friday’s. The only condition Bossa have said is that the title will need to have hit 100,000 players during the week long free play, which will take place on the 2nd of November, until the 10th of November, any points, loot, and such that is gained by players during these days will be carried over into the full game if it is launched.

Bossa Studios, well known for their titles with unique controls, such as, “I Am Bread” and, “Surgeon Simulator” have been working on a skateboarding title called, “Decksplash” that takes the likes of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater graffiti game mode to a whole new level. A wet, painted level.

In 3v3 matches, the players will have to perform tricks and link them to perform high scoring combos. Once a combo is successfully landed a huge splash of paint covers the ground in relation to the combos score. The bigger the better basically. That’s not all though, as well as trying to control a board by physics, players will also be able to fire shockwaves that will either buff nearby team members, or deny nearby opponents of their points.


Players can customise their skateboards by choosing different designs for the board, trucks, and wheels. In addition, more designs can be unlocked by playing the game and levelling up, which will result in a loot box being awarded. However, players who take part in the free week will unlock and be able to keep a special, “Erik board set”.

I actually shared my thoughts on Decksplash in one of my Game Glimpse episodes which can be found here.

A new trailer was also released which shows of the pure insanity that lies ahead for players.

Source: Press Release


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