Bossa Studios’ Paint Skating Title Decksplash is Cancelled After Hitting 60k Players During Free Week

After hosting a free-to-play week for their title, Decksplash, Bossa Studios ended development on the last day of their Splash N’ Grab week, the 10th of November, with around 60,000 players.

Decksplash began allowing players to sign up for the closed testing at the start of this year in January 2017, and I was one of those people to get accepted into it. After that, the game had weekly playtests every Friday, and every week more people were given the opportunity to sign up to the testing period.

The Splash N’ Grab week was announced with a unique twist. The studio was going to allow the title to be free to play for a whole week, and if it hits their goal of 100,000 players, then it will launch straight into Early Access.

The game was covered by various streamers trying to help spread the word and increase the player count ensuring that the title was brought to life, even Jacksepticeye had caught wind of it and made a video with his thoughts. In the end though, the game hit just over 60,000 players rather than the studios 100,000 target.

The Discord community expressed incredible passion for the title, with some deeming it as one of the best skateboarding games to come out in recent years. A large majority of players also stated that the 100,000 player target was far too high. The scenes on the Decksplash Discord were intense, with a lot of support, and passion being overshadowed by players expressing anger and threats towards the company. However, the developers assured every one that the business side of Bossa Studios believed that 100,000 players was the figure to reach to provide enough proof that Decksplash would be a stable multiplayer title.


The team of developers behind Decksplash will now be assigned to other projects and Decksplash shall remain a memory for those who got to experience it.

My take: Decksplash was a great little gem, and it’s a shame to see it fade away into the abyss, and the abuse that came from some of the players with threats of review bombing other Bossa titles, name calling the developers, etc was a bit over the top for what was after all, a business decision with an excessively high target. 60,000 players seemed like enough to keep the game stable and the title had potential to grow over that figure if it was given more than a week to hit the goal.


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