Assassins Creed: Origins Preview – What We Know

In 2 weeks we see the next entry into the Assassins Creed Universe, Origins. In the build up to its release I’ve put together a bit of a recap over what we know so far.

Versions for Release

Ok, So first things first, we know there are going to be a few different editions of this game released. On top of the standard release, there is the Deluxe Edition, The Gold Edition, then there are the straight up collector’s editions that contain varying options in terms of Statues and other goodies (all of which come with a hefty price tag).

Ubisoft Game Statement

Ubisofts ‘Product Info’ for this game reads as follows:

For the last four years, the team behind Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag has been crafting a new beginning for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Set in Ancient Egypt, players will journey to the most mysterious place in history, during a crucial period that will shape the world and give rise to the Assassin’s Brotherhood. Plunged into a living, systemic and majestic open world, players are going to discover vibrant ecosystems, made of diverse and exotic landscapes that will provide them with infinite opportunities of pure exploration, adventures and challenges.

Powered by a new fight philosophy, Assassin’s Creed Origins embraces a brand new RPG direction where players level up, loot, and choose abilities to shape and customize their very own skilled Assassin as they grow in power and expertise while exploring the entire country of Ancient Egypt.

This is an exciting statement for me as I have always thought that this franchise could do so much with a full on RPG element, and that it needed to take the open world feel and push its limits.

The ‘new fight philosophy’ is something that I’m keen to explore as in truth the current combat mechanics have run their course now and have been dying for a refresh and update.

The time period chosen for this title is the part that peaked my interest most. Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me and having the opportunity to explore a game world in that time period has had me hooked since its first announcement.

Storyline Info

So, what do we actually know about the storyline other than it’s the origin of the Assassin Brotherhood (the title of the game kind of gives that away). Let’s see what Ubisoft have told us so far:

The Protagonist for this game is Bayek, here is what Ubisoft have told us of our hero.

Born and Raised in the lonely and isolated area of Siwa, Bayek is the last representative of the Medjay, a long and ancient line of protectors in the country. Thanks to his training, he is a keeper of the traditions and beliefs of Ancient Egypt. He has the power to execute justice in his mission to protect those in need.

A personal tragedy forces him to leave his home to hunt and kill every last one of his enemies. During his quest he will cross paths with powerful historic figures such as Cleopatra, Ptolemy XIII or Julius Caesar, who are engaged in an epic war for power. His journey will lead to the creation of the Brotherhood of Assassins.

‘Stories as Deep as the Sand’

According to the information provided Origins will be a much more than just an origin story. In terms of the ‘missions’ they’re more like Quests and can be done in any order. I hope this is true as I think a Skyrim/Witcher type of feel is a great addition to this franchise.

New A.I

With smarter characters throughout the world, you never know when or where you’ll encounter key targets, dangerous bandits or even warring factions unaware of your presence. The world is full of life; even a wandering hippo can be the difference between a stealthy attack and an all-out brawl.

This makes for an intriguing read, the idea that every character has a unique set of goals and needs should give the cities a true to life atmosphere and keep you as the gamer on your toes when tracking potential targets.

Eagle Vision

This time instead of ‘Eagle Vision’ we have an actual Eagle to scout in ahead of us. In a way I hope this will help provide a much more realistic feel to the game. Possibly a perfect fit for the overall re-styling of the game.


The combat system has been completely re-built to be more about weapon and character positioning rather than timed animations. This is supposed to give far more control over encounters. Also, add a level of realism and tactics that weren’t required before.

In addition to this they are adding an adrenaline gauge. This is to enable devastating finishing moves. (I believe it will be the equivalent of a hit streak counter).

Weapon Types

On previous games weapons were simply purchased from merchants, or obtained through missions. However, in this game there not only appears to be more to choose from but they also have more of an RPG style. The rarity and strength level given to each weapon will cause you to adjust your playstyle accordingly.

There are some other features that we think will be nice additions to the overall package. Especially for people looking to learn more about Egyptian Mythology and history.

Discovery Tour Mode

This is due to be a Free update added to the game in 2018. Creative Director Jean Guesdon had the following to say about this:

It’s a dream come true for us to offer Discover Tour, an educational mode built specifically for people to learn more about the incredible history of Ancient Egypt through the interactive experience made possible via a video game.


Post Launch Content (DLC)

So far there hasn’t been massive amounts of information on the post launch content. However, we do have a timeline and list of what will be included.

Here is what Ubisofts Blog post had to say on the DLC:

The Hidden Ones

This expansion takes place years after the events of Assassin’s Creed Origins in a new region occupied by a Roman force. Bayek and the new Assassins will clash with the Romans as the Brotherhood continues to grow, and players will have a new level cap. Slated for release in January 2018.

The Curse of the Pharaohs

The second expansion focuses on Egyptian mythology, pitting players against undead pharaohs and famed Egyptian monsters. Bayek will need to explore a mystical new realm and discover the root of the curse that has brought these creatures to life. This expansion will also raise the level cap again and introduce new skills for Bayek. Scheduled for a March 2018 launch.

The Roman Centurion and Horus packs

These exclusive item packs will grant Season Pass holders a new outfit, weapons, shield, and mount when they become available in November of this year.

500 Helix Credits and an exclusive rare weapon, the Calamity Blade – Both available at launch.

Ubisoft has impressed me here with the inclusions of free DLC. After all as paying customers we have just spent a lot of money on these games. It’s a pet peeve of mine when there is an additional expense with more post launch content than there is game.

I know that none of this is exactly breaking news. However, the intention here was to try and encapsulate information gathered since its first announcement in one place.

Finally before signing off, I thought it only fair to also include the E3 trailer:

Keep your eyes peeled for our Assassins Creed Origins Review that will be coming soon. Also don’t forget to grab your copy of Assassins Creed Origins on 27th October.

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