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UNBINARY – VR Puzzle Adventure Story Trailer Revealed

From Brazilian game studio Ludact comes an update on UNBINARY, a beautifully drawn VR puzzle adventure for the Quest 2. Check Out The UNBINARY Early Access Story Trailer Providing a uniquely creative take on VR gameplay, UNBINARY is a hand-painted adventure for the Quest 2. UNBINARY immerses you in a unique moment in human history. […]

Puzzle Car Launches Today On Nintendo Switch!

The latest game from QUByte Interactive (ASMR Journey, Puzzle tronics) is releasing today for Nintendo Switch. That’s right, Puzzle Car launches today on the Nintendo eShop so keep your eyes open for this latest puzzle game. In Puzzle Car the player will help assemble a road that is safe for vehicles to pass over. It […]

Out of Line Preview – Sharp Visuals, Sharper Puzzles.

Out of Line is an upcoming 2D side-scrolling puzzle game developed by Nerd Monkeys and published by Haninh Games. It is due out on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this year. Playing through the preview the game gave me Inside/Limbo vibes in a big way. I dare say that if you enjoyed those games, […]

The Lightbringer – A New Puzzle Platformer Coming To PC And Switch!

The Lightbringer has just been announced and is a “charming” puzzle platformer coming to PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch in 2021. Brought to us by developers Rock Square Thunder and publishers Zordix Publishing. Read the official press release below: Mountain Giant Ltd (Edinburgh, UK) – April 6th, 2021 – Zordix Publishing and Polish developer Rock Square Thunder are excited to […]

Creature in the Well Switch Review – Pinball Puzzle Perfection

The year was 1901 and Julia Davis Chandler knew only two things, she liked peanut butter and she liked jam. At that moment genius struck and just like the Spice Girls, she decided that two must become one. That day the American youth were introduced to the Peanut Butter Jelly (Jam) sandwich, and this revolutionised […]

Human Fall Flat PS4 Review – A Stand Up Puzzler.

In these days of epic open-world games, narrative driven sagas with character depth and player investment, it makes a nice change to take a step back and play something completely stupid and fun. Human Fall Flat is that game. No need to worry about a plot-line or a skill tree, the biggest decision you have […]

18 Floors Review – Puzzle Solving VR Stylee

For those of you who have played through this game, you’ll realise that the title of this game may be the biggest puzzle of all, but more on that later. 18 Floors is a Virtual Reality locked room puzzler from Aoga Tech (Developer) and Shanghai Wishing Entertainment Limited (Publisher). There are no spoilers in this […]

Lake Ridden Review – Puzzles in the mist

If you enjoy walks on the beach, happy thoughts, and not the ever pressing presence of something dark and foreboding then this game is not for you. However if you like puzzle solving, eerie scenery, and a dark atmosphere then this is for you and I hope you enjoy my review of the creepy, puzzle […]

Aporia: Beyond the Valley – Solve The Puzzles, Be The Hero.

Investigate North have treated us to a second game, Aporia: Beyond the valley. The team have reined it in a little since Cloud Chamber and have concentrated on a more solitary existence in Aporia. Have they hit the nail on the head or is the game now lacking? Gameplay Aporia: Beyond the valley starts with no information about who […]

Puzzle Showdown 4K Review – Pass Me My Pipe & Slippers?

Puzzle Showdown 4K developed by Kingdom Games (the devs behind the “Five” series on Steam) and published by 70 Times 7 LLC is a jigsaw based puzzle game that is available both on the Playstation store and Steam.  I must admit that when I was asked to review a jigsaw game I really thought it […]