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11 Top Tips for Murderous Pursuits Assassins

Murderous Pursuits has launched, and as a result I figured I’d feed some tips your way so that you can become a better hunter as you blend in on board the HMCS Britannic.

The goal of Murderous Pursuits is simple, earn points, otherwise known in-game as, “Favours” by killing your Quarry, or slapping your hunter in the face before they eliminate you. Weapons can be collected from around the map, each with their own Favours. Once a weapon has been used to successfully kill a Quarry, the weapons Favour score changes, meaning you need to find another, high scoring weapon.

There are various ways to get higher up the scoreboard. Various tactics that require cunning, and sneaky antics. Here I’ll detail some of the methods I’ve used during my time with Murderous Pursuits.

Murderous Pursuits

Hunter Radius Check

When you’re near a Hunter a skull will light up indicating a Hunter has arrived within your radius. This is handy when you learn how big your radius is. To best learn this, stand in a room within a vignette and keep an eye on your doors.

When a character enters the room you’ll know if they’re a Hunter because the skull will light up. Occasionally you’ll see players enter the radius and leave it which makes noticing them super easy.

Move with the Crowd

Following on from the above tip, if you move with the crowds or move with another character, the chances are you’re going to blend in a lot better. If a Hunter/Quarry knows you’re near they’ll have a harder time determining who you are.

Murderous Pursuits

Spam the Kill Button

In Murderous Pursuits, players are going to attack you once you get into range. So really it becomes a case of who presses the button first. A good way to ensure you get the first kill in is to spam the left mouse button. Try not to do this if they’re next to other characters as you could end up targeting the wrong person and giving the game away.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The Disguise ability can be a powerful tool, but it can also be a huge giveaway if used incorrectly. When activating the ability there is a very obvious effect that surrounds you as you change character. This is visible to other players.

When activating the Disguise ability, it’s best to do so when you know you’re out of sight from your Hunter. You’ll also be better off activating it when you enter a busy room as the Hunter is focused on finding the character they just saw you as. Don’t forget, the Disguise ability has a timer, and once it runs out you’ll automatically revert back to your character with the noticeable effect surrounding you again. So get out of the room!

Murderous Pursuits

Sleeping Guards

There are a few guards littered around each map with the goal of stopping any malicious activity on board the ship. If they witness any activity they’ll arrest you. However, it’s a tiring job.

If you do decide to attack someone around the guards, ensure they’re sleeping, or risk getting arrested. Getting arrested renders you fully exposed and unable to move for the duration of the animation to play out.

Run Assassin! Run!

During any moments in which your character has been stunned, caught, or attacked the wrong person you’ll be unable to move until the animation has run its course. This is usually when your Quarry, or Hunter will come over and wait for the animation to finish so they can attack you. Get holding the shift key and get ready to run because once the animation stops you may stand a chance at running away!

Flash Breather

When you know a Hunter or Quarry is nearby you can throw a flash bomb to stun any surrounding characters. The flash bomb is particularly handy to use if you’re in a very busy room and a Hunter or two are nearby but you can’t figure out where they are. Throw a flash bomb, get out of there!

Murderous Pursuits

Stunned Revealing

This is only achieved if you combine the Flash Bomb ability with the Reveal ability. Essentially you want to be 100% sure that you’re in the room with your Quarry/Hunter and then get into the middle of the crowd. This allows your Flash Bomb to get the best coverage of stunned characters. Then immediately after stunning activate your Reveal ability.

You’ll be able to pick out whoever you’re looking for while the room is stunned for a short period of time, so act quick. Doing reveal before the flash bomb also works if you want to do it that way round.

Humiliation Bonus

You can dance upon the corpse of your Quarry in Murderous Pursuits by using the Humiliate ability. This grants you additional Favour thus increasing your score. The dance lasts long enough though for you to become fully exposed, allowing nearby Hunters to know who you are. Ideally, use this when you know Hunters aren’t nearby.

Murderous Pursuits

Third-Person Peekers

Playing Murderous Pursuits in third person does mean that you get to peek around corners that you would otherwise not be able to see around if you were in first person. As a result you can keep eyes on your Quarry/Hunter by standing near doorways, corners, or in stairwells. Handy if you know you’re being chased and want to jump out and surprise your Quarry/Hunter.

Right Back At’cha!

Using the Counter ability can be handy, but it only lasts for an incredibly short period of time. With this in mind you’ll want to ensure that you’re certain a Hunter or Quarry are about to approach you. It’s good practice to lure your Hunter/Quarry away from other characters so you can easily single them out. The Counter ability works for both Hunter attacks and Quarry attacks.

There we are! There’s my top tops for Murderous Pursuits. Have you found any other tips I’ve missed? Leave a comment and chatter!


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