Review Policy

Our Review Policy

So you may be thinking “Thumb Culture, how do you go about your reviews?” or maybe not. Either way you can have a read of this and then you will be a better idea at how we move from deciding a game to review, to getting the final score and award for said game.

Initially we either receive a review code or we have purchased the game ourselves, don’t worry it will all be made clear on the review, usually with a disclaimer at the end.

We would like to make it clear at this stage that we would never, ever, EVER take any form of payment to give a game a more favourable review. The scores that each game gets is based purely on the reviewers personal experience and opinion of the game and are in no way endorsed by any third party.

With that out of the way, so we not have a shiney game in hand, or game code on the screen. Each of the members of Thumb Culture have their own personal tastes when it comes to games, and we try to (as far as is practicable) match up the right person with the game. This is so that they are able to give a decent review of the game, and not just shoot it down because its not their particular chosen genre of game.

Whilst in the process of the review, the person in charge of reviewing the game will play the game as much as is needed to give an overview of how the game plays and all the mechanics herein. This could be 10+ hours in some cases, but in others around 5 hours. After all, some games can be completed in this amount of time.

The reviewer then starts to assemble their review, using the following headings where applicable.

Gameplay – What do you do? How do you do it? Story outline (without giving away too many spoilers)? etc

Graphics – How does the game look? Is it of sufficient standard? Glitches and bugs present? etc

Audio – How does the game sound? Does the game audio give anything extra to the game? etc

Longevity – How long will you play this game? Will you keep going back to it? etc

Conclusion – Final thoughts and criticisms, as well as giving the review its final score.

Our Scoring Method

When giving a score to the game, the game receives a score out of 10 and then it is placed within its associated award system below.

Platinum Award (10/10) – this is not stating that the game is perfect, but stating that if you are a fan of the genre then this game is an essential purchase for you.

Gold Aware (8-9/10) – This game is great, its as good as it gets without being an essential buy.

Silver Award (6-7/10) – This game is ok, give it a try if you like the sound of it, but don’t blame us if you find a lemon.

Bronze Award (4-5/10) – This game isn’t great. Only buy this if you find it in a sale.

Trash (1-3/10) – Avoid this game like the plague.

So there you go, a brief insight on our review process. Any questions, don’t hesitate to post them through our contact page, or one of our other social media….things.