Here at Thumb Culture we are all about giving something back into the world, especially charities. We felt that, even though participating in our upcoming charity stream is beneficial, we wanted to make this a permanent fixture in Thumb Culture. This way we will be constantly trying to raise awareness to those charities that are closest to the team’s hearts, through our website and streams. All revenue, donations etc will go straight to that charity, Thumb Culture will not gain any profit.


Each year a new charity will be chosen to raise money and awareness for as team members get to pick one they would like to start the year off with, making it a team effort and voices being heard.

With so many worthwhile charities to choose from, this year we will be raising money for Anxiety UK. This charity was established to promote the relief and rehabilitation of persons suffering from agoraphobia, associated anxiety disorders, panic attacks, PTSD, stress, depression, phobias and conditions, in particular, but not exclusively, by raising awareness in such topics. For more information, please click this link:


With mental health problems being on the alarming rise, 1 in 6 people in the UK will experience a common mental health issue every year, we felt that this was something we wanted to help with and also a few of our team members are dealing with this in their personal life too, as are so many other people.


Charity Stream – 23/24 June 2018 – 9am until 9pm BST on both days

Our first ever Charity Stream was a massive success, we managed to raise over £700 and we are still raising money through our Twitch channel. So please if you ever see us online, come on in and support us as we try and raise awareness for Anxiety UK.

If you would like to donate please head too

You donations will go towards:

£25 Keeps the Anxiety UK website running for two weeks

£50 Allows Anxiety UK to answer the hundreds of emails they receive each month requesting their support

£100 Pays for the training of one new Infoline volunteer

£300 Enables Anxiety UK to keep their Infoline running each month, where their trained volunteers with personal experience of anxiety provide information, advice and support to callers all over the country

£1000 Enables Anxiety UK to continue developing new services through extensive planning, research and testing, in order to make sure they can support as many people as possible.

Head over to our Twitch channel on the dates/times above and we hope to see you there!

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